Two Mile Creek is located in Northeast Colorado. It is a place near and dear to our family in that our Grandpa Walker homesteaded 320 acres on Two Mile Creek back in the early 1900's. We still have the original Land Patent in our family and we often break it out of the family "safe" to look at President Woodrow Wilson's signature.

Our grand parents on both sides of the family as well as our 19 aunts and uncles spent many years of their youth surviving through the tough times of the Great Depression, and then shortly after that, the tough times of World War II. Money was scarce and food was a major investment for the weekly household budget. Simple as many of the food choices were, the special care that was given to the preparation made the food memorable for our parents and aunts and uncles. The food was simple yet very tasty.

That same spirit of food preparation lives on in the products that Two Mile Creek proudly prepares. We have tasted food from Europe and from Louisiana and the South as well as local grub from the fresh seafood of Seattle and the great fare from a Pittsburgh diner. These foods have influenced our taste buds and recipes as we developed our jellies and sauces.